Welcome to the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation’s Video Library. For 21 years, the Foundation sponsored an annual workshop in Dubois, Wyoming. During the pandemic years many artists weren’t able to travel. In order to continue to be able to make the high quality art instruction presented during our annual event available, the workshops were live via Zoom. Instructors taught from as far away as Australia (Georgia Mansur) and Africa (Jan Martin McGuire). This flexibility also allowed all participants whether in Dubois, Wyoming, or in their own home to be part of the experience. Now, we are delighted to make these recordings available to the public. Go to Video Library click here.

Artists who participated during these years included: John Banovich, Greg Beecham, Aaron Blaise, Lee Cable, DeVere Bert, Jim Coe, Guy Combes, Andrew Denman, Caleb Goggans, John Hulsey, Paul Jackson, Julie Jeppsen, Christine Knapp, Stephen Left, Tom Lucas, Jeanne Mackenzie, Georgia Mansur, Laurin McCracken, Jan Martin McGuire, Mark Mehaffey, Wanda Mumm, Shane Neal, John Phelps, David Rankin, Suzie Seerey-Lester, Ken Shanika, and Ann Trusty. Marketing specialists included Anthony Cannata, Angela Davis and Bob Koenke.

We are starting with recordings by ten of the professional fine artists who shared their experience and knowledge in a wide range of media. We will be adding more. Enjoy!

—Jim Parkman, SKB Board President