Susan Kathleen Black the Artist
Susan Kathleen Black lived an amazing life. In the short span of 10 years, and beginning at the age of 42, she produced nearly 200 major paintings while pursuing a full-time career with Continental Airlines. What is equally extraordinary, is the swiftness with which she advanced her talent, becoming adept in all the major mediums. The rapidity of her acceptance as a peer among exceptionally talented equals is also notable. Susan’s paintings of florals and wildlife quickly became widely collected, while editors sought her out for inclusion in major publications. Susan, herself, was more amazed at all this than anyone else. It was a dream come true.

Whether depicting the delicacy of a rose or the majesty of an elephant, Susan Kathleen brought the essence of her subjects to life through her paintings.  Her all-too-brief life is a crowning testimonial to selfless friendships, unrelenting determination and boundless dedication.  Unafraid of taking risks or experimenting, Susan Kathleen painted with a free spirit, eager to find her own unique voice as an artist.  What she brought forth was a vital creativity that continued to reinvent itself throughout her life.

Susan Kathleen was much loved and admired.  For some she became a role model and an inspiration, for not only did she dare to dream, she also had the discipline that brought those dreams to reality.

She was a person of uncommon caring, making those in her life feel special and loved.

The Foundation seeks to bring her spirit into each of its programs and projects.
(excerpt from Susan’s biography: Susan K. Black, An Artistic Heart, by Pam Dean Cable)