Current Exhibitions

The Life & Times of Charles Goodnight Exhibition

The stunning oil paintings in this collection are carefully researched, accurate interpretations of significant moments in Charles Goodnight’s life, rendered by Master artist Lee Cable.

Recent News

SKB Leads the Way With Online Art Education

by Bob Bahr For a moment last April, the 19th edition of SKB's Dubois workshop seemed on the verge of cancellation because of the pandemic affecting the United States. But the brain trust behind the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation figured out how to present the art...

22 (More) Reasons to Attend the Online SKB Workshop

For 19 years, you had to travel to Wyoming (or, the first year, to Colorado) to reap the benefits of the Susan Kathleen Black Workshop. Attendees loved the relative isolation of Dubois, Wyoming, which fostered a convivial, family atmosphere of learning. Well, the...

Paul Jackson: Look More Closely to See the Illusion

Watercolorist Paul Jackson will show SKBers how he incorporates Surprising elements into his pieces during the Dubois workshop in September.

Michael Shane Neal: Always Excited and Ever Searching

Although it will be Michael Shane Neal’s first time at the SKB workshop, his ties to the organization are surprisingly deep.

Courage & Encouragement

A new book by Rosie Hartmann and longtime SKBer Terry Stanley offers courage and encouragement to artists who feel stuck or feel like they have not met their potential.

DEMONSTRATION: “Bugling Blues,” by Crystal Beshara

Watch how Canadian watercolorist Crystal Beshara paints a bugling elk in this step-by-step painting demonstration.

The Comfort Zone Riddle: Another Way SKB Is Unique

It helps to be in your comfort zone when you want to go outside your comfort zone. Read the SKB explanation for this.

Cincinnati, the Great Auk, Audubon, and a Man Named Ruthven

What’s all the squawk about the Great Auk? Read all about it, and put Cincy on your travel list.

How to Draw a Winged Lion

Monte Moore can paint anything from a Star Wars Stormtrooper to a Solbergesque elk. Here’s why he came to SKB’s 2019 Artist Rendezvous & Workshop, in Dubois, WY.

Susan Kathleen was a devoted artist and student who took every opportunity to learn from master artists and skilled experts to develop her own talent. Her favorite workshops were at the Beartooth School of Wildlife Art in Big Timber, Montana, where she studied with many nationally known wildlife artists.

In early 2003 the memorial fund was granted 501(c)(3) status and became the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation, Inc. Its mission is to continue to fund art education for a broad range of art programs throughout the nation, while giving artists of all ages the opportunity to develop their skills and achieve their goals as artists.