Current Exhibitions

The Life & Times of Charles Goodnight Exhibition

The stunning oil paintings in this collection are carefully researched, accurate interpretations of significant moments in Charles Goodnight’s life, rendered by Master artist Lee Cable.

In the Audubon Tradition Exhibition

 “In the Audubon Tradition“ Exhibition & Sale… featuring the birds and wildlife of North America, September 12th, 2019 – Jan 5, 2020. The exhibition includes nearly 100 of today’s most celebrated and accomplished painters and sculptors, following in the artistic tradition that John James Audubon began 200 years ago.

Recent News

Cincinnati, the Great Auk, Audubon, and a Man Named Ruthven

What’s all the squawk about the Great Auk? Read all about it, and put Cincy on your travel list.

How to Draw a Winged Lion

Monte Moore can paint anything from a Star Wars Stormtrooper to a Solbergesque elk. Here’s why he came to SKB’s 2019 Artist Rendezvous & Workshop, in Dubois, WY.

Angela Sauro Davis Invites You to Get Mailbox Money

Who doesn’t like to get checks in the mail? Licensing expert Angela Sauro Davis explains how artists can get paid for the use of the work–even pieces done long ago.

Winning Big for Small Work in Dubois

Who won at the Small Works exhibition in Dubois, Wyoming?

John James Audubon’s Flamingo

Although Audubon’s poses are sometimes not convincingly naturalistic, they do have a sense of the quick about them. These birds were alive, and became alive again in Audubon’s drawings.

“In the Audubon Tradition” Exhibition

This fall the newly renovated Cincinnati Museum Center is celebrating the 200th anniversary of its Museum of Natural History & Science. Founded in 1818 as the Western History Society, its doors opened in 1820. Its first employee was famed naturalist and artist,...

Water and Fur, Feathers and Forethought: Crystal Beshara on Painting Wildlife in Watercolor

Watercolor is just wild enough to make great animal portraits. Just ask Crystal Beshara, the Ottawa artist who will be a featured instructor at the 2019 SKB Dubois Rendezvous & Workshop.

There Is No One Like Everett Raymond Kinstler

by Bob Bahr Everett Raymond Kinstler painted astronauts and presidents, Cagney and Hepburn, Clinton and Nixon, Tom Wolfe and Tony Bennett. He's been the inspiration for thousands of artists across the country and beyond. And somehow, almost...

No Chance of Him Being Forgotten

SKBer John Phelps finds multiple ways of honoring and remembering his son, Chance, a fallen hero and Marine Lance Corporal. He gets help from everyone from the President’s Chief of Staff to Jim Parkman.

Susan Kathleen was a devoted artist and student who took every opportunity to learn from master artists and skilled experts to develop her own talent. Her favorite workshops were at the Beartooth School of Wildlife Art in Big Timber, Montana, where she studied with many nationally known wildlife artists.

In early 2003 the memorial fund was granted 501(c)(3) status and became the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation, Inc. Its mission is to continue to fund art education for a broad range of art programs throughout the nation, while giving artists of all ages the opportunity to develop their skills and achieve their goals as artists.