Susan Kathleen was a devoted artist and student who took every opportunity to learn from master artists and skilled experts to develop her own talent. Her favorite workshops were at the Beartooth School of Wildlife Art in Big Timber, Montana, where she studied with many nationally known wildlife artists.

In early 2003 the memorial fund was granted 501(c)(3) status and became the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation, Inc. Its mission is to continue to fund art education for a broad range of art programs throughout the nation, while giving artists of all ages the opportunity to develop their skills and achieve their goals as artists.

Recent News

Video Recording of Movie Posters

This session was on Movie Posters—the art that draws you into the movies. Movie posters have been around since 1870 and started in Paris. Each decade they evolved into more complex ideas. The 30s reflected Art Deco. The 60s featured teen idols and beach movies. The...

Tribute to Mort Solberg 2022

A small initial remembrance of Mort Solberg, our dear friend, artist buddy, master artist, fabulous instructor, and long time board member of the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation.

The Story of Charles Goodnight

Artwork by Lee Cable Narration by Jim Hodges, cowboy, author, & historian

A Generous Donation from James E. Parkman

The Bryan Museum is thrilled to accept a generous donation from James E. Parkman of 13 paintings created by artist Lee Cable as a permanent gift to the Museum. This portfolio of stunning oil paintings details the life and story of famous cowman and plainsman Charles...