Artists get better… in Workshops
How do adult artists improve their skills today? They take part in Training Workshops where they work with talented masters of various mediums. But this tradition is not new. When Leonardo Da Vinci was 14 years old he entered the Workshop of a famous master of his day… Verrocchio, in Florence, Italy. It was in Verrocchio’s Workshop that Leonardo apprenticed for 5-6 years… along with a half dozen other talented artists of the day including Botticelli. And it was in this apprenticeship in Verrocchio’s famous workshop that Da Vinci was also exposed to a wide range of additional skills such as chemistry, metallurgy, plaster casts, working with metal, precise drafting skills, mechanics, carpentry, and leather work, in addition to the traditional artistic skills of drawing, painting, and sculpture. And here we are more than 500 years from the days of Leonardo DaVinci. Yet the ways artists refine their skills is not that different. The best way is to find various masters of styles and mediums that complement your own skills… and train with them. And that’s the purpose of the TexArt Workshop… to provide artists with a wonderful group of gifted artists and a large variety of various artistic skills and procedures to work on and refine.