banovich palette - 1

By Bob Bahr

John Banovich shared a lot of information at TexArt during his one-day presentation/demo. One of the chunks of information that participants may not have had time to write down is his color palette. Banovich explained how some of his colors he only uses in scenes set in Africa, or in North America. Here’s a quick recap.


ultramarine blue

burnt sienna

brown madder

burnt umber

raw sienna

raw umber

yellow ochre

yellow ochre light

cadmium orange

Naples yellow

Naples yellow light

chromium green

cadmium yellow

cadmium yellow pale

permanent mauve

alizarin crimson

terra rosa

cobalt blue

cerulean blue


unbleached titanium

titanium white

ultramarine violet


Banovich pointed out that he uses a few colors only in Africa, particularly terra rosa, burnt umber, and chromium green. On the other hand, permanent mauve, and ultramarine violet are used only in scenes set in North America. Raw umber is his brown for North America. He pointed out that Naples yellow light is perfect for African grasses, and he never uses ultramarine blue as a sky color—though he will use ultramarine in clouds and in animals. Banovich finds unbleached titanium to be perfect for warmth in clouds.

He uses poppyseed oil and Liquin for mediums.

Although he is particular about his paints, preferring Williamsburg Handmade Oil Paints, Banovich pays little attention to brands when it comes to brushes. When he finds a brush that works, he buys it in bulk. When asked what the hairs or bristles are from, or what series the brush is in, he reveals that he doesn’t concern himself with it. Ω

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