Below are the most popular location

In Dubois, Wyoming, this week 150 artists have gathered for our annual workshop. A exciting part of the experience is to do a little plein air painting. To help with this, we have created a “Plein Air Location Map.” Click here to check out these great sites.

Headwaters Arts & Conference Center

14 Stalnaker St, Dubois, WY 82513, USA

Brooks Falls

 GPS of Locations:

43.708635, -109.972345

Brooks Lake

 GPS of Locations:

43.750723, -109.996949

Double Cabin Campground

 GPS of Locations:

43.807215, -109.560804

CM Ranch

 GPS of Locations:

43.494391, -109.592620

Horse Creek

 GPS of Locations:

43.664726, -109.633853

Torrey Lake

 GPS of Locations:

Wagon Box

 GPS of Locations:

Spring Ranch

 GPS of Locations:

43.481657, -109.500570

Gwen's Ranch

 GPS of Locations:

43.501582, -109.540340

EA Ranch

 GPS of Locations:

43.590885, -109.631831

Stallion Lane

 GPS of Locations:

43.563331, -109.697224

Brooks Falls: 43.708635, -109.972345

Brooks Lake: 43.750723, -109.996949