Caleb Goggans

Sculpture – Bringing Life and Likeness out of Clay

About the Artist

Thomas Caleb Goggans’ portraits, sculptures, and landscapes uniquely capture existential landmarks; moments and glimpses that shape and connect us to one another and the endless wonder of the world. Extending well beyond technically faithful reproduction, his art is born of intense observation, enthusiastic curiosity, and quiet contemplation. Finding inspiration and imagination in nature, life’s passages, and the people he encounters, Goggans seeks to explore those opportunities and express the richness, significance, and complex beauty of human experience.
Mr. Goggans’ dedication and skill has brought him many accolades, having been named as a Top Ten Artist in Tennessee by the Portrait Society of America and recognized multiple years as a Finalist and award recipient in both the prestigious International Portrait Competition and the ARC Salon. One of Goggans’ greatest accomplishments is having completed commissioned sculptures of seven prominent Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients, which are on display in the Charles H. Coolidge Museum, a National Medal of Honor Heritage Center.