John Banovich

Studio visit with John Banovich—Painting Big

Basic working procedures, recommendations re support, brushes, & paints

About the Artist

John Banovich (b.1964) is an American contemporary oil painter celebrated worldwide for his striking portrayals of wildlife. His art, characterized by its grandeur and emotional depth, captivates viewers across the globe, earning admiration from a wide spectrum of enthusiasts, including politicians, entertainers, business leaders, and art collectors alike. His pieces adorn private collections, corporate offices, and museums worldwide.

Born and raised in Montana, John pursued his passion for art at the University of Montana before obtaining a degree in graphic design from the Art Institute in Seattle, Washington, in 1987. In 2000, he established Banovich Fine Art in Livingston, Montana, and later expanded his creative footprint with Studio West in Carnation, Washington, in 2012.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, John is deeply committed to wildlife conservation. In 2004, he founded the Wildscapes Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting wildlife and their habitats. Inspired by his extensive travels spanning three decades, he launched Banovich Wildscapes Travel in 2018, aiming to support conservation efforts in critical wildlife landscapes.

John’s dedication to conservation also extends to filmmaking. As executive producer of documentaries like “The Edge of Existence” and “The Last Horns of Africa,” he sheds light on the challenges facing endangered species, advocating for their protection and preservation.

“Through my artwork, I hope to move, reveal and inspire people to seek a deeper understanding of the world around us and bring together groups of individuals to unite on a common ground. Our natural world is severely threatened and with this increased pressure, a new paradigm must emerge…artists, conservationists, sportsmen and environmentalists must come together in areas of overlapping interests.” – John Banovich