by Bob Bahr

As you may have heard, Janene Grende and her staff cooked more than 15 meals to more than 160 people over the course of the five-day SKB Dubois workshop, operating out of the Headwaters Arts & Conference Center’s kitchen. That’s a large task, and they pulled it off–a little too well, according to some dessert-stuffed, diet-busting folks. Hey, it’s totally BYOW—bring your own willpower—at SKB’s joints.

We thought you might enjoy a list of the raw ingredients Grende & Co. started with on Sept. 18. Here’s their shopping list:

• 150 lbs of chicken
• 75 lbs ground turkey
• 70 lbs prime rib
• 70 lbs ham
• 80 lbs pork shoulder
• 75 lbs bacon
• 45 lbs turkey breakfast sausage
• 130 dozen eggs
• 100 lbs flour
• 100 lbs sugar
• 50 lbs brown sugar
• 60 lbs butter
• 16 gallons milk
• 10 cans coffee
• 75 lbs oatmeal
• 5 cases apples
• 3 cases bananas
• 3 cases oranges
• 2 cases peaches
• 4 cases grapes

That’s not all of it, of course. The crew also used tortillas, noodles, orzo, carrots, romaine lettuce, and plenty of spice to make everything nice. But this list gives you an idea of the scale that it takes to “feed the masses,” as Grende puts it.

Many thanks to Janene, Jessica Utter-Gahm, Bridgette Kohal, LaRinda Chapin, Zoë Chapin, Trevor Chapin, Edward Gawel, David Carmona, and Mandi Shelton for providing the fuel for all the hungry artists. Ω