SKB Instructors’ Quick Finish / Paint Off & Auction – One of the highlights of the SKB Workshop is the annual Instructors’ Quick Finish that they conduct where all of the instructors create a work of art in about an hour. This is always a wonderful and often chaotic public event, held in the large open main room at the Headwaters Art & Conference Center. With more than a dozen instructors, a hundred or more artists attending the workshop, and many visitors from Dubois and the general art loving public in Wyoming.. the event has become a celebrated event. Visitors and artists can wander about the room watching each instructor create their own artistic magic in whatever medium they choose. It’s a wonderful time to study the masterful skills & techniques these artists possess. And then in the evening they can bid/purchase the various works of art that they actually watched being created earlier in the day. All in all this has become a major feature of the SKB Workshop.

The artwork auctioned off from the masterful creative efforts of this talented group of artists then helps fund the many Educational Art Programs that the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation is engaged in all over the country.

Sorry… all artwork shown here has been purchased.