First day at the SKB Workshop in the tiny town of Dubois, set in the extraordinary landscape of Wyoming’s high country… 7,500 feet. Artists began arriving on Saturday. And last night was the big kick off party in the Headwaters Center. Bright and early today, Monday, everyone starts early with the large group breakfast and a general meeting where SKB Executive Director, Pam Cable, begins the week with an update on the day’s events… followed immediately by the large group photo out front. After the photo 100+ artists head in all directions to attend the various classes, catch a demo, or go out painting plein air in the sheer beauty of Wyoming all around us. This first morning is kind of a hectic & exciting time for everyone as the weeks various artistic efforts all kick into high gear. Stay tuned for daily updates.

THE SKB WORKSHOP SONG 2017 – Thanks to Chris Rowlands for composing this cool song about the SKB Workshop. Presented by Chris Rowlands & Lee Cable.